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Cabra Kai MMA Opening

After nearly 10 months of consents, approvals, inspections, courses, certifications, and everything but the kitchen sink, the time had come for Cabra Kai MMA to open and it did so on June 11th. The first night of classes ran great with a good turnout of keen students who were all able to grasp the techniques for the night as well as get through the tough training sessions. Everyone left with a smile and enjoyed the night. As a special opening offer, we decided to make the whole month of June FREE for all students to try out the gym and classes. We feel that given enough time to embrace the training and our ability to create a fun environment, we hope students will enjoy the experience and want to keep coming back. Thank you all who turned up on the first night and look forward to more training in the weeks to come.

Cabra KaiCabra Kai MMA Opening