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Wrestling Classes

We have shuffled it up and introduced a Wrestling class on Saturdays at 2pm. As wrestling is a big component to both BJJ and MMA we thought having this class was important in the growth of students.

For BJJ, not only will the class cover the necessary takedowns you will need to master for competitions but will also improve your overall control of your opponent on the ground, help you with the scrambles to end up in the dominant position and raise your level of grappling for better positioning and setup of submissions.

For MMA, it will add to the grappling components just mentioned as well as controlling the fight to where you feel most comfortable. Whether it be counter wrestling to stay on your feet, controlling opponents on the ground with ground and pound, or in the clinch and battling up against the wall/cage.

Overall the class will improve your athleticism, coordination, balance, power, speed and control. Pretty much all the extra attributes to take your BJJ/MMA game to the next level.

Look forward to seeing you all there! KP

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