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New Open Mat Sessions

We are starting an open mat session on Saturdays from 3pm-4pm. What is open mat? It’s basically a session to work on all the things you’ve been thinking about, drilling, attempting and executing in all the other classes but in a more relaxed fashion and at the pace and level you want. These sessions differ from the normal classes where you’ve learnt new techniques and loading the brain and body with all new and exciting stuff. The open mat time allows you to implement these ideas and techniques with partners; allows you to discuss challenges, issues and new ideas around your training with your partners as well. And it also allows time for more rolling. So really the mat is open to anything you want to work on and there will be experienced people around to help your game with anything you need.

The session is at no extra cost to students on a monthly membership already. Other visitors are welcome to come and join too regardless of level or whether they train at another gym. The mat is open to everyone :)

Cabra KaiNew Open Mat Sessions