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No Increasing Membership Prices

When you sign up as a member on any of the monthly membership plans you will continue to pay the same rate you sign up on regardless of any future price increases*. Even though we have introduced new classes since opening and will continue to add more classes, the members who have been around have not been affected by any price increases. We feel this is a good incentive to stay dedicated and consistent with training and to reward this attitude by not letting any price changes impact foundation members who stick around. So if you remain dedicated and disciplined you could benefit from paying the same pricing always.

Any new members or old members coming back will sign back up on the current pricing at the time and then will have those prices secured for however long they stay members. There is also the ability to place holds on memberships which will allow flexibility for those who need to take reasonable time away from training and still remain on their price structure*.

At Cabra Kai we like to reward good behaviours and the right attitude and also remaining flexible for all our members. Feel free to speak to us if you have any queries.

*Terms and Conditions apply.

Cabra KaiNo Increasing Membership Prices