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Cabra Kai Online!

We have been working on a new feature for students and are excited to introduce Cabra Kai Online! This is a premium feature for students who will now be able to access past class videos from their PC or smartphone to review and revise. All BJJ classes will be recorded during technique and uploaded for access to students at the end of each week. Access to this is FREE to all existing members.

This is a very beneficial tool for learning as students can revise what they’ve learnt at the end of the week and even revisit topics months down the line if they’ve forgotten certain details. There are thousands of videos online already showing BJJ techniques so the information is already out there. However this aims to consolidate techniques and topics covered for students and allow an easier place for Cabra Kai members to access videos without some of the noise and chaos you can get out there on the internet.

We look forward to building our video library for our members and possibly opening the library externally in the future. But for now it’s a feature available for Cabra Kai students only. Another great reason to train at Cabra Kai MMA :)


Cabra KaiCabra Kai Online!