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New Blue Belt Promotions!

Last night it was my absolute pleasure and joy to have awarded my first blue belts under the Cabra Kai banner. After 18 months coaching at Cabra Kai and 2 yrs before that elsewhere this is a great milestone for myself as a coach to have virtually guided their training from the start of their journeys. Moreover it is also a great milestone for them – Congratulations to Trung and Sean on reaching this first but probably most important milestone in their BJJ journey. Both have travelled much different paths but I am confident that both were ready to continue their paths as blue belts and face their next set of challenges. I have much confidence that they will both conquer the next series of challenges and set even more goals for themselves and constantly improve both on and off the mats towards their next promotion.

A special thanks to all the students in attendance last night for your patience to allow me to promote these guys and also your participation in helping me run them through a gruelling session to remember (even though they couldn’t remember at the time. lol). And thank you to Michael Belos and Glenn Taylor Smith for swinging by and helping myself and the students out on this big night. Much appreciation from myself to everyone.

Cabra KaiNew Blue Belt Promotions!