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Standing Kick Pass

We look at the standing kick pass that Marcelo Garcia does a lot against a closed guard causing the opponent to open their guard and work the pass. We go over the basics of the kick pass and the “technical standup” plan B when you actually do get swept. 

masterStanding Kick Pass

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Lapel Chokes from Guard

In the gi session tonight we look at chokes using the lapel (collars) from the closed guard set up. A basic X-choke (cross lapel), a forearm choke and baseball bat choke which can also be used against a guard pass. 

masterLapel Chokes from Guard

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Guillotine Chokes 101

We look at one of the most fundamental submission in the guillotine. We explore the standard “neck only” guillotine as well as the arm-in guilotine. And lastly we look at how we can used the guillotine to get a sweep as a plan B. 

masterGuillotine Chokes 101

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Lockdown Halfguard

We look at the lockdown halfguard position heavily used by the 10th Planet system. I go over the mechanics of the lockdown and whip-up and then two options. One to take the back, and the other using the old school sweep. 

masterLockdown Halfguard

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Advanced Armbars

We go over some more advanced armbars/options. Using a sweep to help get an armbar from guard and ending on top as well as armbars on a turtled opponent. 

masterAdvanced Armbars

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Back Escapes/Defence

Going over several techniques and principles on escaping/defending when you have your back taken. We focus on the belly pointing up position. Belly down is hell, so we’ll leave that for another video. 

masterBack Escapes/Defence

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Triangle Choke Escapes

With triangle choke escapes we go backwards in learning some “hail mary” escapes when the choke is in really deep. Then we move backwards and start looking at things you can do before it gets deep so the fight for the escape is not as hard.

masterTriangle Choke Escapes

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Kimura from North South Escape

Probably one of the more common kimuras people get caught in so deep it’s too hard to escape. We spend the whole lesson looking at just this escape and a lot of the details on the escape.

masterKimura from North South Escape

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