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Armbar Basics with Mark Christie

Mark Christie paid another visit to the gym and covered some armbar basics and details that he likes to use. Mark initially goes over the basics of an armbar from the mount position. He then covers the counter when opponent tucks their elbow in and you’ve lost the arm and attack the other arm. Lastly a sneaky armbar from top


Cabra KaiArmbar Basics with Mark Christie

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Crossover Guard & Attacks

Second session of the week opening up with a revision on basic crossover guard and a few new details. And then looked at two submissions (armbar & triangle) that can happen depending on if opponent leaves their arms between your legs.

Cabra KaiCrossover Guard & Attacks

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Back Control to RNC to Headarm choke to Armbar

We started off looking at two other transitions to get the back starting from front head arm position. Then we re-visited the rear naked choke but this time adding in the tactic of tying up one arm. After that we covered the headarm choke and armbar from the back position.

Cabra KaiBack Control to RNC to Headarm choke to Armbar