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Butterfly Guard Passes

A few basic options on passing someone who is playing butterfly/hooks guard on you. The first pass shown is a more slower and secure pass which involves really shutting down movement in their legs. The additional passes involve a bit of gymnastics passing over with your body weight on your head.

Cabra KaiButterfly Guard Passes

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Crossover Guard & Attacks

Second session of the week opening up with a revision on basic crossover guard and a few new details. And then looked at two submissions (armbar & triangle) that can happen depending on if opponent leaves their arms between your legs.

Cabra KaiCrossover Guard & Attacks

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Two on One Control

We explored the two on one grip and some options from both closed guard and butterfly guard. Firstly looked at principles and setting up the two on one. Then looked at a few options from there: taking the back; pendulum/flower sweep; armbar attack. We then looked at the two on one from butterfly guard which lead to some hook sweeps.

Cabra KaiTwo on One Control

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Crossover Guard Basics

Decided to visit a slightly more advanced topic tonight with crossover guard. We first summarized a should roll option to regain guard from side control or when being passed to rehash that this is an option when your back is being exposed like that. We then went into the basics of the crossover guard, starting from side control and also


Cabra KaiCrossover Guard Basics