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Lapel Chokes from Guard

In the gi session tonight we look at chokes using the lapel (collars) from the closed guard set up. A basic X-choke (cross lapel), a forearm choke and baseball bat choke which can also be used against a guard pass. 

Cabra KaiLapel Chokes from Guard

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Berimbolo Basics

We introduce the berimbolo back take. First we look at the basic De La Riva Guard against a standing opponent and then using that to bring opponent’s butt to the ground and then go over the mechanics and movement of the berimbolo to get the back.

Cabra KaiBerimbolo Basics

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Open Halfguard Passes (Gi Session)

Tonight in the gi class we looked at some open halfguard passes. Also known as Z-guard sometimes when your opponent uses his knee/shin to stop you from crushing down on him. We looked at a pass I learnt off Caio Terra flicking your leg free and then looked at some shin slide type passes when picking up the legs. 

Cabra KaiOpen Halfguard Passes (Gi Session)

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Two on One Control

We explored the two on one grip and some options from both closed guard and butterfly guard. Firstly looked at principles and setting up the two on one. Then looked at a few options from there: taking the back; pendulum/flower sweep; armbar attack. We then looked at the two on one from butterfly guard which lead to some hook sweeps.

Cabra KaiTwo on One Control

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Halfguard Passes Gi

Halfguard passes usually depend on who has the underhook. First pass is a tripod pass when you secure a good underhook. Also some details when you can’t free your leg too. Then we looked at a couple options when you are unable to get the underhook and your opponent gets it first. There’s the switchbase option as well as the


Cabra KaiHalfguard Passes Gi

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Standing Closed Guard Passes Gi

Standing closed guard passes was covered tonight. First option was controlling a sleeve prior to standing and unlocking guard. Then we looked at the option when we either don’t take the sleeve with us or we lose their sleeve and both their arms are available to do a back sweep. And lastly we looked at the conventional standing guard pass


Cabra KaiStanding Closed Guard Passes Gi

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Side Control Escapes (Gi)

Following on from previous class we started looking at side control escapes but involved controlling opponents shoulder/arm and sitting up into a reversal. We look at three variations of this as well as the different options/decisions as to when to do what. We finished off with a previous escape and how they all are related.

Cabra KaiSide Control Escapes (Gi)