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Back Escapes/Defence

Going over several techniques and principles on escaping/defending when you have your back taken. We focus on the belly pointing up position. Belly down is hell, so we’ll leave that for another video. 

Cabra KaiBack Escapes/Defence

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Back Control to RNC to Headarm choke to Armbar

We started off looking at two other transitions to get the back starting from front head arm position. Then we re-visited the rear naked choke but this time adding in the tactic of tying up one arm. After that we covered the headarm choke and armbar from the back position.

Cabra KaiBack Control to RNC to Headarm choke to Armbar

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Back Control and Rear Naked Choke

We started with two very basic ways on getting to back control – someone trying to roll from being mounted and from turtle position. A lot of details were covered such as which hooks to get in first, which hook is more important to keep and what an opponent can do depend on which hook they free, which side to


Cabra KaiBack Control and Rear Naked Choke