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Guillotine Chokes 101

We look at one of the most fundamental submission in the guillotine. We explore the standard “neck only” guillotine as well as the arm-in guilotine. And lastly we look at how we can used the guillotine to get a sweep as a plan B. 

Cabra KaiGuillotine Chokes 101

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Lockdown Halfguard

We look at the lockdown halfguard position heavily used by the 10th Planet system. I go over the mechanics of the lockdown and whip-up and then two options. One to take the back, and the other using the old school sweep. 

Cabra KaiLockdown Halfguard

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Advanced Armbars

We go over some more advanced armbars/options. Using a sweep to help get an armbar from guard and ending on top as well as armbars on a turtled opponent. 

Cabra KaiAdvanced Armbars

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Omoplata Introduction

Our first look at the omoplata setup and submission. We go over the “perfect storm” omoplata to familiarise students with the position and then look at the standard finish. We then look at a rolling sweep to mount as well as a backroll reversal to mount. Then finally we look at a basic setup to get the omoplata in the


Cabra KaiOmoplata Introduction