Why Train At Cabra Kai?

Experienced Coaching

Kian Pham is a 1st Degree Machado BJJ Black Belt and has competed and medalled on many levels in competition. Having a coach who is still active on the competition scene ensures that everything passed on to students is fresh and relevant. Moreover, Kian has been fighting professionally for since 2007 and has had a total of 16 pro MMA fights both in Australia and Internationally on some of the biggest shows in the region including CFC and OneFC so he is able to pass on very practical experience.  For a list of his achievements click here.

No Sign Up Fees or Lock In Contracts

At Cabra Kai there are no additional costs to get you started. We don’t charge for any such admin fees or sign up fees to get you started. Also, there are no contracts so you’re free to leave whenever you choose. We understand that many people have different expectations and requirements and that other options may suit them better so we don’t try and lock you in via contracts just to get you to stay. We welcome everyone who comes in and also wish the best to all those who choose another place to train.



Competitive and Flexible Pricing

Cabra Kai membership prices are some of the most competitive prices for MMA and BJJ learning for such experienced teaching. There are a number of flexible pricing options to suit different needs. Also, whatever pricing you sign up on, students will continue to pay the same prices for as long as they remain a member regardless of pricing changes. That means if you stay signed up, you will not be affected by price increases.

Fun and Relaxed Environment

At the end of the day we want everyone to have fun and feel welcomed at the Academy so we make sure that the culture within the school represents that. Everyone is encouraged to be friendly and to keep everything fun. We have a culture where egos don’t exist and that everyone is there to help each other. We’ve managed to develop a culture and environment where people look forward to coming to train.

masterWhy Train At Cabra Kai?