Frequently Asked Questions

What are your prices?

As a general rule prices are not published on the website. To discuss pricing we recommend you come in to the gym and having a chat with the head instructor so he is able to understand your needs and requirements. Then he can suggest to you which options are most suited for you and also run through the pricing options in detail that would apply to you.

Do you have kids classes?

Yes. We now have kids classes ages from 6-13 years old. Kids a little bit old than that, we can discuss some other possible options.

What equipment/clothing do I need to train?

To start off, no equipment is required. There is equipment and gear at the gym that can be borrowed for people starting off and/or yet to have any equipment. We do recommend though eventually getting your own equipment and gear so your have your own personal equipment. This ensures you’re the only one using your stuff and that it fits and suits your perfectly. Gear can be ordered and purchased at the gym at discounted rates.

Am I locked in to any contracts?

No. There are no contracts so you are free to leave whenever you want.

I’m a 400 lb dinosaur who wants to train at Cabra Kai. Is that ok?

You’re more than welcome to come train at Cabra Kai. We are happy to have anyone come train regardless of their size, nationality, gender or even which time period you are from. So even if you were a 400 lb dinosaur, then you can come train. But please do not eat others.

Will training help me pick up chicks?

There has been no direct research or findings that training MMA or BJJ will or won’t help you in this area. However, martial arts does help with attributes that can only benefit you. Things such as more confidence, become more out-going, improve communication skills, more discipline and overall friendliness will most likely help you than harm you in this area. So nothing to lose right?

I want to train UFC. Do you guys teach UFC?

We teach Mixed Martial Arts which is what the guys in the UFC do.  So technically, we do teach UFC. So you can technically say you train UFC if that’s what pulls in more chicks. But if you want to be correct about it, you would be training Mixed Martial Arts and learning multiple fight disciplines to achieve that.

How do I sign up?

All you have to do is show up and fill out a rego form and a waiver form and start training on the spot if you like.

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